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Help Wanted

The following listing of jobs being offered by Canyon Creek residents is provided as a service to other Canyon Creek residents. 

Residents are encouraged to contact the person listed in the "Contact" column for more information about job offerings (resident names, addresses and phone numbers are published in the printed Community Directory). Residents that would like to add job listings are encouraged to fill out  and submit the Help Wanted Form below.

The Canyon Creek Homeowners Association does not endorse or recommend any vendor, service provider, employer or contractor ("vendor") listed by residents on this Association's web site. The Association does not accept advertising or requests by non-resident employers post job listings on this web site. The Association is allowing residents to submit information about jobs they are offering as a community service only and has no knowledge or experience with any of these vendors. If a resident applies for or does work for any of the vendors listed on this web site, he/she does so at his/her own risk. The Association will have no liability or responsibility for the actions, work, licensing, regulation or non-performance of either the resident or the vendor. The following information is provided "as is" and the Association assumes no liability for inaccurate or changed information.

Help Wanted Listings

Type of Work Contact
Would like someone to water potted plants, hanging baskets and generally check on house when we are out of town. Merilyn McClelland (Ramada)
Babysitters needed. Mike or Sue Morrison (Rincon)
Are you a decent typist, have your own computer, access to the Internet and want to work from home on your own time schedule? I have a number of administrative jobs that need to be accomplished on a regular basis. Rich Lombardi (Sonrisa)
Interested in telephone sales of commercial real estate Internet software? Work on your own time schedule. Rich Lombardi (Sonrisa)


Help Wanted Form

Use this form to list a job offering. Before being added, all submissions will be verified with the requesting resident.

Red fields are required.

Resident's name:   
Resident's street address:   
Resident's phone number:      
  NOTE: Only your street name (without street number or phone number) will be published so other residents will be able to contact you if they have a question by looking up your phone number on the printed community directory.
Resident's e-mail address:      
  NOTE: For verification purposes; will not be published.
Describe the type of work that being offered: