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Keys, Transmitters and Gate Codes

Tennis Court, Pool, Spa and Restroom Keys

Each home is provided with two keys. One key is an electronic transmitter in the form of a small plastic gray "fob" that can be attached to a key ring. It operates the tennis court and pool gates. Just hold the transmitter next to the reader at the entrance to the facility. If authorized, the gate will unlock. Once inside the pool or tennis court area, press the green button near the door to open the gate to exit. This computer-controlled electronic locking system allows securing these facilities after hours, tracks usage (to identify suspected vandals) and lost key transmitters can be deactivated to prevent misuse of our facilities by non-residents.

The other key is a standard metal key that operates the timer on the spa, unlocks the restrooms at the pool and controls tennis court lights.

If you did not receive a key fob or metal key from your landlord or the previous Homeowner, it will be replaced at no charge; however, the missing transmitter will be deactivated. If you lose or need additional fobs or keys, they may be purchased for $25 each from Total Property Management.

Vehicle Gate Transmitters

The vehicle gates use a battery-operated transmitter similar to a garage door opener. If your vehicle gate transmitter is lost/stolen/broken, or if you did not receive one from your landlord or the previous Homeowner, or if you need additional transmitters, they can be purchased for $25 each from Total Property Management