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Notice of Completion Form

Updated 06APR21

When the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) observes that an approved Improvement has been completed or upon expiration of the project completion time limit (refer to section 2.12 Project Completion Time Limit in Rules & Regulations - Part 2: Architectural Procedures and Standards), a member of the ACC shall inspect the approved Improvements. If such inspection requires access to the Homeowner's property, the ACC shall coordinate a visit at the parties' mutual convenience. If the Improvements have been completed as approved, one or more ACC members shall complete and sign a Notice of Completion form and deliver it to the property management company for the property file. Once inspection determines project completion, no other changes may be made without submitting a new application.

If there are substantial deviations from the approved Home Improvement Applications, the ACC shall notify the property management company and the property management company will notify the Homeowner of the non-compliance within sixty (60) days of completing the inspection. The Homeowner will then be responsible for making any necessary changes. Non-compliance may result in hearings, fines and/or legal action by the Association. Refer to the chapter "Rules Enforcement Policy and Fines" in the Rules & Regulations - Part 1: General document for more information.

NOTE: The function of the inspection is to review conformance with the approved Home Improvement Application and conformance to the Association's architectural and landscape standards. Completion of an inspection and approval of the Notice of Completion does not constitute completion of any inspections that may be required by governmental agencies or other required inspections.


The Notice of Completion will be completed by the ACC, but is shown here for your information. 

Total Property Management
Canyon Creek Managing Agent
23792 Rockfield Blvd, Ste 100
Lake Forest, CA 92630   

Name:   Phone:    Email:

Description of Improvement:

On , I completed the improvements as outlined in my approved Home Improvement Application. It is understood that additional work may not commence without prior application to and approval by the ARC.

Homeowner signature: _______________________________________  Date: _________________

ACC Inspection

The improvement has been inspected and found to be:

In substantial compliance with the approved application.
Not in substantial compliance with the approved application for the following reasons:

ACC member signature: _______________________________________ 

Date: _________________

At the current time, this form cannot be submitted electronically. Fill out the form online then use your browser's Print button to print this form. Complete and return this form to the Managing Agent (do not submit it to an Architectural Committee member). Your submission will be logged and filed then distributed to the Architectural Control Committee for inspection.