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Exterior Paint Application Form

Updated 06APR22

NOTE: Please refer to Rules & Regulations - Part 2: Architectural Procedures and Standards for complete information about architectural approval requirements, architectural and landscaping guidelines and standards, and the approval process.

BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THIS FORM, PLEASE READ THE EXTERIOR PAINTING SECTION (3.22) of the Rules & Regulations - Part 2: Architectural Procedures and Standards for helpful hints, and to understand what is and is not acceptable to streamline approval.

While this page is on your screen, you can type into the fields, select checkboxes and radio buttons. Then print the pages for neighbor review and to be mailed and logged by Total Property Management who will then send the information for review by the Architectural Review Committee. When completed, mail along with at least one (three are preferred, if available) set of paint chips or manufacturer's brochure showing exact color(s) that you are requesting approval for.

Property Address:

Date:    Phone:   

Expected Painting Date:

Will you require a porta-potty? Yes   No

NOTE: Portable sanitation facilities (portable toilets or "porta-potties") are generally discouraged as long as the Homeowner can make suitable arrangements with the contractor and workers. If the nature of the Improvement and situation dictates that a portable sanitation facility will be required, this fact and its proposed location should be noted on the appropriate Home Improvement Application. The portable sanitation facility should be located out of view from the Common Area if reasonable and practical. Otherwise, it must be placed in the driveway or other portion of the homeowner's property (preferred) or street immediately in front of the home where the work is being performed. Prior permission is required from the property management company if the portable sanitation facility is required to be placed on the street. The portable sanitation facility must be serviced for waste removal no less than two times per week and must remain locked when not in use. The portable sanitation facility must be removed within seven (7) days of the Improvement completion date.

For help in deciding on paint colors and finishes, refer to the Paint Guidelines document.

With this application, please include paint chips indicating the color name/number and the paint manufacturer. Indicate the color name/number for each element of the home in the spaces below.

In order for the ACC  to approve of any paint color change on your home, a 3-foot by 3-foot paint sample (or three 8/5"x11" stick-on swatches placed horizontally) of all new color must be applied to the FRONT of your home using the exact color and type of paint (Flat, Velvet/Eggshell, Semi-gloss, etc.) before you obtain neighbor signatures and submit your application.

Please apply paint samples to the actual surfaces (e.g., wood, shingles or stucco) on the front of your home that the paint will be applied to in order to see how the finish will look on the actual surfaces being painted. The samples you submit will be what you are expected to use, if approved. If you decide to change any colors that have been approved, you MUST submit a new application for those colors before proceeding.

A maximum of four complementary colors may be selected. Allowable finishes for each surface type are listed below. Indicate the color name/number and the finish to be used on each surface.

Stucco: (only a Flat finish is permitted)

Siding/Shingles: (only a Velvet or Eggshell finish is permitted)

Fascia Boards (flat boards that trim siding and wide boards that hang down from eaves):

Eave Trim (narrow boards just below the edge of roof tiles on some homes):

Underside of eaves:

Window Trim:

Front Door:

Front Door Trim:

Garage Door:
(Garage doors must be re-painted when re-painting the home or when replacing garage doors. Since garage doors make up a large portion of the front of the home, it is highly recommended that garage doors be painted the same color as the shingles/siding/stucco on the front of the home; however, painted to match the garage door trim is acceptable. Manufacturer's default white that does not match any color on the home is not permitted.)

Garage Door Trim:

Patio Cover/Lattice/Arbour/Pergola:

Accent Color:

Describe Accent Color Location:

Other Color:

Describe Other Color Location:

Other Comments:

Submitter's Signature: _______________________________  Date: _________________

Neighbor Advisement (Adjacent Neighbors)

You must obtain the signatures of adjacent neighbors (owners, not tenants) showing that they have been made aware of the intended improvement. Neighbor comments and signatures indicate that they have been notified and do not imply approval, which can only be granted by the  Architectural Control Committee (ACC). However, ACC may contact neighbors to evaluate their comments.

1st Neighbor (to the left of your home)

Name:      Address:


Signature: _______________________________  Date: _________________

2nd Neighbor (to the right of your home)

Name:      Address:


Signature: _______________________________  Date: _________________

3rd Neighbor (directly across the street or behind your home depending on who will see the changes)

Name:      Address:


Signature: _______________________________  Date: _________________

At the current time, this form cannot be submitted electronically. Fill out the form online then use your browser's Print button to print this form. Complete and return this form along with any necessary plans to the Community Manager (do not submit it to an Architectural Committee member). Your submission will be logged and filed then distributed to the Architectural Control Committee for approval. When a decision has been rendered, the Managing Agent will send you a letter with the final decision within 30 days of original receipt of your application.

To be completed by Architectural Control Committee

Authorized to Proceed     Conditional Approval (see below)     Disapproved (see below) by the required majority of the Canyon Creek Architectural Control Committee.

Conditions of approval or reason for disapproval. Any variance to published architectural standards must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Authorized to Proceed     Conditional Approval     Disapproved

Signature: _________________________________      Date: ______________
                  Architectural Committee

Authorized to Proceed     Conditional Approval     Disapproved

Signature: _________________________________      Date: ______________
                  Architectural Committee

Authorized to Proceed     Conditional Approval     Disapproved

Signature: _________________________________      Date: ______________
                  Architectural Committee

Homeowner Agrees to Changes for Conditional Approval

If the Architectural Committee has indicated "Conditional Approval," I agree to implement the changes noted above.

Signature: _________________________________      Date: ______________

Notice of Completion

The ACC will complete and submit a Notice of Completion  within sixty (60) days of completing the Improvement.

Forms may be filled in online, but must be printed, mailed and logged by Total Property Management before they can be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee. Do not send directly to the Architectural Control Committee.

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